Helping to Move Your Family Towards

Two Happy and Healthy Households

If you are contemplating divorce and you are going to sell your property, or perhaps plan on purchasing a different home, then you will certainly benefit from speaking with an experienced real estate broker. Pat Wise Strehle has the training and experience in working with separated or divorcing couples. Pat will act as a neutral party between the couple throughout the transaction.

Through Pat’s training and experience with the Collaborative Divorce Attorneys’ that refer her she has learned:

  • To foster respectful communication and listening to all in order to promote the interest of both sides.
  • To get to know her clients and establish a rapport with both parties involved.
  • To promote and exhibit honesty and mutual respect.
  • Foster stability, reason, and reality in emotionally charged situations.
  • To identify the issues and concerns of all parties.
  • To take into consideration the best interest of both spouses and promote fairness.
  • Most of all Pat will remain a neutral party thought-out the transaction.

The Pat Wise Strehle Team works with the divorcing couple towards the one common goal of getting to the settlement table as stress-free and as quickly as possible.